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May 24, 2009

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Spring semester has ended and I have a couple of weeks off before summer term starts. I’ve been resting and catching up with myself, after the mad dash of finals and end-of-semester projects.

I learned so much this semester:

  • That I can, in fact, handle a full-time load at school again
  • All about mixing colors and how they interact with each other in a fabulous color theory class
  • The beginnings of both ballet and piano, in spite of telling myself since childhood that I would never understand or ‘get’ dance or music
  • Had a whole new world of Peace & Conflict Studies opened to me, and now I am setting intentions to double major at Berkeley in the future (Cognitive Science and Peace & Conflict Studies)
  • All kinds of things about creative and expressive arts therapies and how they are used with different populations

I also began direct processing of traumatic memories using EMDR in therapy, and tapped into the desire to begin the process of becoming a personal trainer at BodyTribe, so that I can share the empowerment I’ve found there. I see such research potential for the kind of training we do there…there is something happening that is extremely relevant to trauma recovery, which I’d like to elucidate.

I am feeling more connected and powerful than ever. A great shift is occurring, and I am eager to share what I discover.

Currently, I’m nesting. I’ve been deep cleaning and finishing home projects that have been half-completed for far, far too long. I hope to post pictures this week!



  1. Amanda – I hear you! It sounds like you are in a fabulous place right now. I’m so happy for you!!! Keep up the hard work and forward momentum – you rock!

    • Thanks, Angie! Staying patient with the pace of change and progress can be hard, but when I look back at where I was 6 months ago, a year ago, five years ago, I am both humbled and proud. It’s hard to balance my academic needs to progress at the rate my mind can handle, my emotional needs to progress in healing at a very organic rate of change, and my creative needs to progress at a rate that embraces everything I’m learning. It feels like juggling a million things at once! It’s been liberating to learn that making mistakes is a-okay, and that it’s actually essential…making mistakes leads to true innovation and discovery.

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